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Hello! I am a Princess!!!

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Hello! I am a Princess!!!

Post by Rujerian on Thu Nov 24, 2011 3:32 pm

I really enjoyed Code Geass (and Lelouch). I think the story was unique because it was not your typical bad verses evil. Each side had a little bad in them.

So, anyway, I Love Code Geass (Lelouch, he's hot).

I also think the art style of the show was the best! I like how Clamp did it!

I like to draw anime and play JRPG's. My favorite JRPG's is Final Fantasy series, Tales of Vesperia and many more.
Still, searching for more though.

I wanna cosplay, but, I have to lose a few chubby pounds first. (*sob*)

I wanna Cosplay as Princess Serenity (Sailor Moon), Sakura (Naruto), Estelle (Tales of Vesperia), Ayeka (Tenchi Muyo)

This is the first forum I have ever been on.

I am 22 years old going on 23. Yes I still like anime.

So, come and say hi!!


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