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Busou Renkin

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Busou Renkin

Post by TheEmperor on Wed Feb 10, 2010 5:05 pm

01 A New Life.avi

02 The True Form Homunculus.avi

03 Youve Become A Little Stronger.avi

04 Another New Life.avi

05 To Protect Someone.avi

06 The Butterfly of Black Death.avi

07 Whether or not You''re a Hypocrite.avi

08 A Night in the Dorm.avi

09 The Hayasaka Twins.avi

10 It Seems We''re Well Matched.avi

11 Til Death Do Us Part.avi

12 Carnival.avi

13 Signs Of Death.avi

14 Who Are You.avi

15 Interim Existence.avi

16 New Power.avi

17 When the Night Ends.avi

18 The Escape.avi

19 If Only You Can Protect.avi

20 With Mind and Power.avi

21 Gone Into Flame.avi

22 A Vital Decision.avi

23 Boy Meets Battle Girl.avi

24 When You Die, I Will Die Too.avi

25 Irreplaceable.avi

26 Period.avi


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