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Rules by the Administrator

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Rules by the Administrator

Post by Administrator on Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:34 am

Rules are simple No stealing others work, no Copyright infringement, No bashing other post, Keep the criticism light, No asking people to remove there work because you don't like it, No Yaoi haters no Yuri Haters or hating, don't like it dont read it, if i see a post thats say's Yaoi is gross i hate it or Yuri is nasty i will remove it.

Content allowed

M rated
K+ rated
just make sure it's appropriate for Mature ages of 13-16 and over
Lemon is allowed
Romance sex scene just don't make it MA rated
Yaoi is allowed
Yuri is allowed

Content Not allowed

No double posting, if you made a SERIOUS mistake and can't edit it thats fine.
NO spamming
NO author's notes, keep your Author's Notes on the same post as your story, try to, if it's really important and it's like and announcement okay.

Rules are The same except the copy right Infringement thing

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